Plantspiration cares about you and we have a statement from our medical director, Dr. Ashwani Garg:

We have received rathering sobering guidance from all of our government and public health authorities, and that’s a great start, but most definitely not enough to protect us. A paper-thin surgical mask is no assurance against getting diseases such as coronavirus, but we should build up our internal shield to prevent as best as we can do. We have 5 ways to protect yourself and if you do all these 5 things in addition to the public health guidance you have the best chance:

  1. Eat plants – an exclusively whole food plant based diet is the best protection and defense. Focus on fruits, vegetables, lentils/beans, nuts/seeds, and whole grains, and eliminate disease-causing, chemical and antibiotic filled, and inflammatory foods such as meat, dairy/cheese, eggs, poultry/fish, and refined/processed foods and food chemicals. Nitric oxide was shown in a 2005 paper to make an inhospitable environment for the coronavirus. This is stimulated especially by beets, greens, and ginger. Make sure to include those powerful foods. (For more ideas go to, focus on the Greger Daily Dozen with a handy app, watch

  2. Get exercise, sunlight and fresh air – 30-60 minutes every day or as directed by your doctor, whatever your body will tolerate, including some strengthening/stretching along with cardio. This stimulates natural killer cells.

  3. Do not smoke or drink – these are sure ways to compromise immunity and destroy your body. Don’t even use alcohol based antiseptic mouthwashes as they compromise normal functioning of the nitric oxide pathway. Smoking destroys respiratory immunity and paralyze the cilia (little hairs) that remove debris from the respiratory tract. Don’t let anyone smoke around your family or even wear clothing that was worn while smoking (2nd and 3rd hand smoke). If you know someone who smokes given them 866-Quit-Yes or QuitYes.Org in Illinois.

  4. Wash your hands – this was a technique first promoted by a Hungarian physician, Ignatz Semmelweis, as a technique to prevent childbed death for women who were delivering inside hospitals where dirty handed medical students would deliver babies using the same hands used to dissect cadavers. He changed the course of modern medicine even before germ theory was known. Wash for a full 20 seconds for best results. This is the standard WHO technique. Teach your children!

  5. Be mindful – Stress and anxiety are a sure way to compromise your immunity. Your brain is directly linked to your nervous system which is linked to your immune system. We have shown the benefits of mindfulness and meditation on immunity in numerous studies. Stay calm, focus on what’s in front of you, and savor each moment. Don’t let the worry about the past or the future rob you of the enjoyment of the present or distract you from the tasks at hand. Insight Timer is an easy app to use, and ideally mindfulness will spill over into every activity in life. A good book to start is by Henepola Gunaratana called “Mindfulness in Plain English” which is a starter guide to insight meditation.

We only have 1 chance to get it right when there is a significant death rate. No one knows for sure whether the above techniques will work, we have no randomized trial. However, remember also there is no randomized trial of parachutes either, yet we wear them just in case. Will you join Plantspiration in not just doing the bare minimum, but the absolute maximum to protect yourself and your family?