Plantspired Feedback

“Over two years ago I was told I had Graves’ disease and I needed to fry my thyroid, or remove it and take meds or I would have a stroke go into a-fib etc. I reached out to Stefanie Ignoffo in February with her suggested, ‘heaven in a blender’! Every three months I was showing improvement with my blood work and today I am back in normal range and ultrasound was also normal thank you Stefanie! Thank you!”


“Hey Stefanie both of our A1 C test came back at 5.6 last week, amazing!! I’m grateful for the help and support I never thought I could do this!”


“Thank you I watch your videos when I need inspiration I’ve been meat free for a while now my son is also in a plant-based diet you and your family definitely inspired me! Thank you for being you I hope more and more people get inspired by you and your family to become plant-based!”


“You have no idea how many of us watch you daily and all of your inspiration I love you and your dedication!”


“So after five weeks vegetarian and almost 2 weeks vegan I can say that I’m feeling really damned awesome the most notable change for me has been my ability to actually rest when I sleep I’m totally zonked on my head it’s the pillow also I can’t believe how good everything tastes who knew looking forward to all the great and positive health changes ahead thank you Stefanie Ignoffo!”


“ I have such good news and I have to share with you because of you my dad is doing kick ass he listened and took it seriously he lost 7 pounds this week and his numbers for his diabetes are going down a lot!”


“Just wanted to give you an update. I just want to say thank you, I had blood work done this week, and for the first time in my life my cholesterol is where it supposed to be, down 44 points on the good cholesterol, and the bad cholesterol is ok, thank you for all you do! Keep preaching the plans!”


“My weight keeps dropping and dropping, my energy is going up. I felt like jogging this morning so I went out for an easy jog. I never jog in the mornings. Everything is changing! Illinois”


“Three years ago I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis and I’ve changed my diet leaning toward vegan, my new scope last week showed no more diverticulitis 🙂 your posts have greatly inspired me to eat better!”


“I went from vegetarian to vegan after my mom went to one of your classes. I used to count calories, I was miserable feeling. I have been vegan for three months now and I’ve lost 15 lbs since then! Being vegan has saved me, I had horrible IBS and I no longer struggle!”


“Hello Stefanie just by watching you on Instagram and YouTube and now following plants Parisian on Facebook I can’t imagine what else you can teach me so far dieting plant-based I’ve lost 34 pounds thank you for sharing your passion with the world”


“It changed my life talking to you that day. I had a ton of health issues and A life threatening scare and I knew I needed to change something. Since going WFPB I’ve lost 50 pounds and my blood pressure is down to 110/62 I’m 70 years old and I feel great! God sent me a life-saving angel when I met you Stefanie!”


“I have now lost 10lbs, just purchased my first high powered blender, I go to the gym almost every day. I have completely changed my eating to all plant/based no oil! I have energy through the roof and my family is noticing and eating everything I make! No more buying crap! I just had to share with you because if I didn’t come across your FB page that one day I would still be miserable so just wanted to say thank you again!”


“I loved meeting you in person finally and your hubby as well!! You guys are amazing and made it so much fun at the meeting! I loved everything you whipped up yesterday and especially thankful that my hard-core anti-kale daughter drank the green monster juice and loved it thank you for all you do!”


“Everyone keeps asking how I do it, I keep listing off things I can eat and show them my lunches! Easy peasy! Thank you SO MUCH for being so awesome, offering all of your thoughts, ideas, recipes and knowledge. YOU ROCK!”


“Thanks so much for your inspiration and encouragement! Seriously…such a God send in our lives” Michigan


“I’ve been trying to eat a lot better last couple weeks..lot cleaner, man do I feel better. Went kind of vegetarian laying off the meat going vegetarian laying off the man I feel better… thanks Stefanie you changed my life”


“Hi Stefanie. I have good news my A-1 C was 5.8 today my overall cholesterol went down!”


“You’re literally one of the biggest inspirations in life, you’re truly the most amazing and I tell people about your page all the time!”


“Everything went well with Dr. appointment today. We are taking me off bp meds and weaning me off metformin and almost all my supplements as well!”